Nishikawa Shouroku Sensu: Ruler (White/Thin Navy)


Established in 1585, Nishikawa Shouroku Shouten originated from the Azuchi Momoyama period in which Japanese society and culture transitioned into the modern era. During this era, Nishikawa Shouroku Shouten created beautiful Japanese sensu (fan) through traditional techniques that have been enjoyed by thousands of people in Japan.

Nishikawa Shouroku Shouten now creates Japanese sensu that appeal to both traditional and modern tastes. From bright contrasting colors to modern chic designs, you’ll find the perfect Japanese sensu that fits your personality. 

What's Included: Sensu + Carrying Case + Wooden Display Box
Open Dimensions: 7.9 in (Height) x 14.2 in (Width) 
Closed Dimensions: 7.9 in (Height) x 1.1 in (Width)
Wooden Box Dimensions: 9.4 in (Height) x 2.2 in (Length) x 1.4 in (Width)
Material: Bamboo + Cotton 
Carrying Case Color: Navy

*Made in China / Materials from Japan